Come and live at the foot of the Karkonosze Mountains
II Stage of the investment

Marvel at the view from your window in one of our ten apartments in Kowary near Karpacz​.


Kowary – is a town located only 10 minutes away from Karpacz. It is there that the investment consisting of thirteen apartments, ranging from 34m2 to 43m2, was built.

Słoneczne Wzgórze (Sunny Hill) is a special place in the Karkonosze Mountains. Here any future resident will have the opportunity to stay active, as well as enjoy their time off with access to clean, mountain air​.

Being directly next to Karpacz, Szklarska Poręba and Jelenia Góra, the location provides access to all tourist attractions in the area. The close proximity to the neighboring urban areas influences the prices, which is half of the price per square meter, compared to eg. Karpacz​.


Its high standard and classic architecture are what make Słoneczne Wzgórze stand out. The architect insisted on clear layouts and spaciousness while designing the apartments. Especially the big windows are a nod to the customer’s needs. Thanks to its functionality the apartments receive plenty of necessary sunlight.

The offer is aimed mainly at customers who:

appreciate high quality detail work of shell and core apartments​
who want the option of individually fitted turnkey projects

Sample apartment

Apartment M12

Area: 39,36m² including:
Living room with kitchenette: 20,88m²,
Bedroom: 7,58m²,
Bathroom: 4,67m²

Attic apartment

Balcony with a beautiful view

Price: 320 000 PLN

II Stage - thirteen apartments, four floors
From as low as 7900 PLN per square meter

Close proximity to tourist resorts

Perfect insolation

Turnkey option

Practical apartment layouts

Local investor


Parking for residents and their guests
Private bike storage
Ski storage on the premises
Location in the heart of the Karkonosze Mountains
Closeness to nature
Architecture adapted to the surroundings
Low, intimate building structure


Słoneczne Wzgórze is located in an area where the season lasts the entire year. Every sports aficionado will find something for themselves. Skiers may look forward to prepared cross-country tracks on the slope of Wałowa Góra or around the Okraj Mountain Pass.

In the summer many mountain biking enthusiasts visit the region. There are several marked routes running through Kowary. This is also a great spot for horse-riding. There is even a bridle path leading to Western City in Ściegny. It is also paradise for paragliders, who take over the sky above Kowary.

Those less inclined to take part in such activities still have access to fresh air and space for walks and meditation amidst the numerous fields, forests and hiking trails in the area. The close proximity to Karpacz also allows for taking part in the local nightlife, as well as visiting the nearby ski slopes and many restaurants​.

National park

Palace area

Cycling tracks

Ski stations

Regional development

Jelenia Góra, the regional capitol 16 km off Kowary, has way more to offer than just its picturesque location. The city has many different, highly ranked secondary schools. The local craft schools have long-standing traditions and their alumni are taught by known practitioners.

Recently Jelenia Góra has been noticed by international corporations, which leads to the creation of new job opportunities in the city​.

An area which is this rich in well-developed tourism and economy is certainly a very pleasant place to live in. Especially because it is not lacking in cultural institutions, cinemas or theaters​ either.

High teaching standard

Economical development

Access to art and culture

List of all apartments

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Name Size Rooms Floor Balcony
1pietro M7 34,54㎡ 2 1 4,9㎡
2pietro M8 34,27㎡ 2 2 4,9㎡
2pietro M9 42,93㎡ 3 2 4,9㎡
poddasze M12 47,77㎡ 2 3 4,9㎡